ComplyAuto and Fisher Phillips Unite Tech Innovation and World-Class Legal Talent to Simplify Compliance

ComplyAuto, one of the fastest-growing auto software companies, announces a strategic collaboration with Fisher Phillips, a top-tier law firm with a proven track record of providing exceptional legal services to dealerships across the United States. This collaboration aims to enhance ComplyAuto’s suite of innovative compliance tools, including Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Management, Privacy & Cybersecurity, and Human Resources (HR) software solutions, by integrating the unparalleled legal expertise of Fisher Phillips, ensuring 50-state compliance tailored specifically for dealerships.

Currently serving over 8,000 dealerships across the United States and endorsed by more than 35 state dealer associations, ComplyAuto has established itself as a leading force in the industry. Its combining forces with Fisher Phillips, a firm that excels in a wide range of legal areas such as labor and employment, privacy, data security, and workplace safety, will further solidify ComplyAuto’s position in the market and demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to offering the very best compliance solutions.

The collaboration between ComplyAuto and Fisher Phillips will bring numerous benefits to both parties and their dealer clients, including:

  1. Reduced legal rates for ComplyAuto clients, offering them high-quality legal services at a more affordable price.
  2. Protection of reports and documents, such as penetration testing results and safety inspections, under attorney-client privilege, ensuring confidential communication between clients and their legal counsel and mitigating the risk of exposing sensitive information during legal proceedings.
  3. An expanded library of policy automation templates, streamlining the implementation of legally compliant policies for dealerships.
  4. Access to comprehensive training courses, enabling clients to stay up-to-date on the latest industry regulations and best practices.
  5. Development of innovative new compliance tools, including the first-ever 50-state legal decisioning tool that revolutionizes injury and illness reporting and recording through complete automation.

“With Fisher Phillips’ experienced team of attorneys reviewing and updating content for our EHS, Privacy & Cybersecurity, and HR software solutions, dealerships can now confidently automate their compliance processes with the assurance that they are in line with the latest laws and regulations,” says Chris Cleveland, CEO of ComplyAuto. “By combining our cutting-edge technology with Fisher Phillips’ unparalleled legal talent, we are setting a new standard in the automotive industry, creating a compliance solution that is not only comprehensive but also highly adaptive to the evolving legal landscape.”

“We are honored to collaborate with ComplyAuto, an emerging leader in providing key business software for auto dealerships, and providing workplace safety, privacy and data security, and human resources solutions for auto dealers,” said John Polson, Chairman and Managing Partner of Fisher Phillips. “Our firm has provided advice and advocacy for thousands of auto dealers in labor and employment matters over the years.  Together we will be able to deliver innovative, efficient, and practical business solutions to dealerships across the United States.”   

This collaboration ensures that ComplyAuto stays ahead of the competition, which often struggles to keep up with the latest laws, cases, and litigation trends. By integrating the legal resources of Fisher Phillips, ComplyAuto offers unbeatable protection and compliance solutions for its clients. This game-changing collaboration reinforces ComplyAuto’s commitment to providing dealerships with the most up-to-date and legally sound tools to navigate the complexities of their business.

To learn more about ComplyAuto and its suite of compliance software solutions, visit For more information about Fisher Phillips and its comprehensive legal services for dealerships, visit

About ComplyAuto

ComplyAuto is an innovative technology company that provides auto dealerships with cutting-edge compliance software solutions. Serving over 8,000 dealerships across the United States and endorsed by more than 35 state dealer associations, ComplyAuto’s software is designed to simplify and automate compliance processes, allowing dealerships to focus on their core business. As an NADA Affinity Provider, the company offers a suite of tools, including Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Management, Privacy & Cybersecurity, and Human Resources (HR) software solutions, all tailored to the specific needs of dealerships.

About Fisher Phillips

The employment equation is changing faster than ever, and for employers, anticipating the challenges and opportunities that come with change are critical to success. With over 500 attorneys across the country, Fisher Phillips connects employers with labor and employment talent to help them navigate unprecedented workplace disruption. Through our technology-driven approach, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and ability to serve as a trusted business partner, we provide employers with innovative solutions to their most challenging workplace problems.

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We want to enroll our employees in preventative training to prevent BAR citations and fines.

We received a citation or disciplinary action and need to take remedial training.

Mock OSHA Assessment


  • On-demand eight-hour assessment that imitates a real OSHA audit.
  • Conducted by an EHS Pro with OSHA-10 or OSHA-30 certification and 5+ years of experience. 
  • Simulated employee interviews
  • Issue tracking and task management
  • Detailed assessment reports after the assessment with images, videos, and recommended steps for remediation.

    Privacy & Cyber Compliance Suite


    • Custom legal policies with real-time updates, including the Information Security Program (ISP)
    • Customized Incident Response Plan (IRP)
    • Internal risk assessment tools and hands-on guidance
    • Biannual penetration testing (2) 
    • Biannual vulnerability scans (2)
    • Employee security awareness training and completion tracking
    • Extensive vendor management library – hundreds of vendor-completed GLBA contracts & risk assessments
    • Device & systems inventory automation and mapping tools
    • Unlimited industry-specific internal phishing simulations to train staff
    • Complete 50-state privacy compliance required by your state (CA, CO, CT, DE, IA, IN, MT, OR, TN, TX, UT, VA)
    • Website cookie consent banners and unique consumer privacy request portals
    • Annual report to the Board of Directors generated every year
    • Compliance Guarantee

      CPR/AED Certification


      • Instruction provided by Certified American Red Cross Instructors.
      • Practical, hands-on training sessions to practice CPR and AED techniques
      • Proper automated external defibrillator (AEDs) instruction and operation
      • American Red Cross exam and certification
      • Access to study materials, manuals, and resources for continued education and reference.
      • Available for organizations and groups, allowing for tailored training sessions.

      HR Fundamentals


      • Customized policy builder with real-time updates
      • E-sign functionality for required employee policies 
      • Online HR training with employee completion tracking
      • State-specific policies and training
      • Employee management tool
      • Training and policies include Workplace Violence, Active Shooter, IT and Electronic Device Use, Biometric Data Privacy, Sexual Harassment, and more 
      • HR Fundamentals access is included with any other ComplyAuto product

        Encrypted Messaging


        • Encrypt SMS text and email messaging among staff, clients, and customers when sending and receiving files
        • Track usage and detect violations in real-time
        • Advanced security features include auto-deletion of files, Multi-Factor Authentication protection, IP safelisting, and domain blocklisting
        • Supports compliance with various state and federal regulations and recognized industry standards: GLBA, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST, CIS Controls, SEC

          Safety Compliance Suite


          • Concierge on-site onboarding 
          • On-demand safety walkthroughs conducted by experienced EHS Pros at various intervals – once, twice, or four times per year
          • Comprehensive Online Training Library and employee progress tracking
          • Automated 50-State Legal Injury & Illness Reporting
          • Policy Builders with Automatic Updates
          • Simplified SDS Creation and Management
          • Guided risk mitigation
          • Signage builder & tracking
          • Efficient equipment inspections with QR Codes
          • Tier 1 Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan 
          • Automated Tier 2 environmental reporting for all 50 states 
          • Unlimited one-on-one support from our dedicated team
          • Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Policy and Training
          • Unlimited one-on-one support from our dedicated team
          • Automated Tier II environmental reporting for all 50 states.

            EduTech Course 3

            Program to Fulfill AG Disciplinary Order - $299/student

            The California AG routinely penalizes facilities that violate these laws and requires them to perform specific remedies while on probation. One of these remedies requires the ARD to take a course that outlines the laws and regulations of the Automotive Repair Act. This program fulfills the requirement.


            • Comprehensive online course about the Automotive Repair Act

            • Access to training materials anytime (24/7/365)

            • Comprehensive companion manual to the training material

            • Quizzes and final exam to track engagement and learning ability

            • Certificate generated upon completion

            EduTech Course 2

            Remedial Training and Attorney General Disciplinary Order - $299/student

            The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) has allowed violating automotive repair dealers to take a remedial training program in lieu of having their information posted on a public website. Additionally, automotive repair dealers are required to take a training course as part of the California Attorney General’s disciplinary order. 

            This course fulfills both of these requirements.

            Created by California attorneys with over 35 years of combined experience in the automotive repair industry, this course is the only course on the market that is taught by instructors who are certified by the BAR.


            • Comprehensive online course about the Automotive Repair Act
            • Instruction by providers certified by the BAR
            • Access to training materials anytime (24/7/365)
            • Comprehensive manual that is a companion to the course
            • Quizzes and final exam to track student engagement and information retention
            • Certificate generated upon completion
            • Automated notification to the Bureau of Automotive Repair, if applicable


            EduTech Course 1

            Automotive Repair Act Certification Training - $49/month per rooftop

            With new regulations giving the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) more authority to find violations and enforce citations upon repair facilities, it is now more important than ever to make sure your staff is knowledgeable about the Automotive Repair Act. Protect your repair facility from BAR scrutiny by enrolling into EduTech’s Automotive Repair Act Certification Training. This is the only training in California that is approved by BAR. 

            “Evidence of voluntary participation in retraining [of]…employees” as a mitigating factor. – Guidelines for Disciplinary Orders and Terms of Probation, BAR

            BAR has allowed retraining to be a “factor in mitigation” when investigating a repair facility. Therefore, as a preventative measure, it is strongly recommended that all technicians and service writers enroll into this course to show the BAR that you acknowledge and understand these rules before any investigation ever occurs. 

            All students enrolled in this product will be eligible for our “EduTech Guarantee” which financially protects repair facilities from enforcement by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. For more information, please visit our Terms of Service.


            • Online training course about the Automotive Repair Act
            • Only training course that is approved by BAR
            • Access to training materials anytime (24/7/365)
            • Quizzes and final exam to track student engagement and information retention
            • Certificate generated upon completion


            • Lower risk of BAR scrutiny by standardizing correct practices
            • Increased customer satisfaction
            • Establishes good faith efforts and may avoid BAR citation and fine
            • Professional development for service writers and technicians
            • Eligibility for the EduTech Guarantee

            Students enrolled in this product will also have complimentary access to HR training materials and policy builders. Topics include:

            • Sexual harassment (supervisory and non-supervisory)
            • Active shooter
            • Workplace violence
            • Social media use
            • Biometric data (timekeeper or key lockbox)

            F&I Compliance Suite

              • Precise Deal Jacket Audits to identify and address real-world F&I compliance issues accurately.
              • Focused Compliance on specific F&I compliance concerns such as Fair Lending Compliance Solutions, California Litigation, Vehicle Safety Recalls, Used Vehicle History, FTC Buyers Guide & Federal Warranty Disclosures, 
              • Automated EZ Cash Reporting & Anti-Money Laundering with IRS Reporting 
              • Spot Delivery & Unwind Management
              • Real-Time Issue Identification Quickly detect compliance gaps and issues, enabling swift corrective action and risk mitigation.
              • Online F&I Compliance Training 
              • Compliance Guarantee

                Device & Email Security


                The combined features create a dynamic defense system that adapts to evolving cybersecurity threats and secures the organization's digital ecosystem.

                • Continuous threat detection and response powered by Coro:
                  • EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) 
                  • MDR (Managed Detection and Response) 
                  • 24/7 Security Operations Center team
                  • Swift response and alert to potential security breaches
                • Enhanced authentication and access control via Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) powered by Duo Security™
                • Advanced email security to shield e-threats such as phishing, malware, spam, and scams – integrates with Google Workspace & Microsoft Office 365.
                • Data governance and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)  detect and manage employee data-sharing practices. 
                • Device-level encryption for Windows and macOS
                • Public & unencrypted wifi blocking
                • Next-gen antivirus
                • Automated password policy and session locking enforcement