Compliance Guarantee

Money talks, we get it. So that’s what we’ll do with our Compliance Guarantee.

Our confidence is your peace of mind

We are so confident in our software that if you receive a notice of violation from your state's Attorney General (or any other state enforcement agency) while you’re using our solution, we will pay your penalty. No “credits,” “discounts” or “points.” We’ll just cut a check.
You gave us the keys to drive your Privacy compliance program. Now let us take the wheel.

Compliance Guarantee

As part of our Compliance Guarantee, we’ll pay any fines or penalties assessed against your dealership by the State for violations of the CPRA, CCPA, VCDPA, or CPA arising out of the services provided by ComplyAuto.

Dealership must be a current ComplyAuto client. Other restrictions apply. Click below to view our Terms of Service.

Don't wait for trouble. Get compliant now.