Dealer-centric tools for the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) Safeguards Rule


Finally, an affordable and simple software that allows your dealership to stay compliant with the GLBA Safeguards Rule

The all-in-one GLBA Safeguards Rule compliance solution for dealers.

Guided Electronic Audits & Risk Assessments Vendor Management Service Provider Contracts Employee Training ISP Builder with Automatic Updates Incorporation of Industry Security Frameworks Electronic Vendor Risk Assessment Questionnaires
Exactly what you need and nothing more.

Achieve Total Compliance in Days

Contains everything you need to ensure you're fully compliant with the GLBA Safeguards Rule. No unnecessary features, complex workflows or headaches. Just the necessary components to get you compliant in no time.


If your dealership has shopped market you've probably been quoted with some outlandishly high prices and setup fees for GLBA audits and tools. We offer a transparent, one-price model that makes our software affordable for dealers of all sizes.


You shouldn't have to hire auditors or a full-time employee to administer your Information Security Program (ISP). Our system allows you to achieve total compliance in a matter of days, and with guided risk assessments and automated ISP updates, it makes it incredibly easy to keep it that way.


Unfortunately, the majority of software products are missing critical GLBA compliance components. Our system was built by experts who specialize in dealership law and compliance, and who know the rules, guidelines, and best practices inside and out.

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Automated ISP Builder

A properly drafted Information Security Program (ISP) is the first step in achieving compliance with the GLBA and applicable state laws. Our ISP builder gets the job done in a matter of seconds and is unique to your dealership.
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Guided Risk Assessments

The GLBA Safeguards Rule (as well as many state privacy laws) require you to perform regular risk assessments that test your physical, electronic, technical, and administrative safeguards. We make this easy with online tools that can be accessed via any device and assigned to any employee or service provider. Use our guided electronic risk assessments to document and demonstrate compliance with applicable rules.
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Employee Training

Many dealerships are unaware that the GLBA requires businesses to train their employees on the Safeguards Rule and corresponding Information Security Program. Our system allows you to enroll your employees in a short but effective training courses that is tailored to dealership operations, and everything is tracked so you can easily demonstrate compliance.
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Vendor Management

Ensure each of your applicable vendors complies with the requirement to sign an agreement that confirms to GLBA Safeguards Rule and have them complete a risk assessment questionnaire so you have confidence that you're entrusting your data with the right people.

Don't wait for trouble. Get compliant now.