Consumer Privacy Rights Management

Dealer-Centric Privacy Compliance Software


ComplyAuto is the #1 most widely used software for dealership consumer privacy rights management.

The all-in-one privacy compliance solution for dealers.

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Peace of Mind + Compliance Guarantee

Peace of mind for an annual cost that is less than the penalty for just one single privacy violation. How’s that for a value proposition? Plus, under our Compliance Guarantee, we'll pay any fines or penalties assessed against your dealership by a state enforcement agency.

Exactly what you need and nothing more.

Achieve Total Compliance in Days

Contains everything you need to ensure you're fully compliant with the state and federal privacy rules. No unnecessary features, complex workflows or headaches. Just the necessary components to get you compliant in no time.


If your dealership has shopped the privacy software marketplace, you've probably been quoted with some outlandishly high prices and setup fees. We offer a transparent, one-price model that makes our software affordable for dealers of all sizes.


You shouldn't have to hire a full-time employee to administer your privacy compliance program. Our system allows you to achieve total compliance in a matter of days, and with automated consumer request fulfillment, it makes it incredibly easy to keep it that way.


Unfortunately, the majority of software products are missing critical compliance components. Our system was built by experts who specialize in dealership law and compliance, and who know the all of the applicable laws and regulations inside and out.

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Compliant Cookie Banner

Most out-of-the-box cookie banners provided by website providers are non-compliant and cause more harm than good. Our banner actually blocks third-party advertising cookies, records consent, and respects global privacy controls (GPCs) in accordance with applicable privacy laws.
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Intelligent Data Mapping

A proper data inventory can take months, but we've done all the hard work for you. Our data inventory tool uses dealership-specific templates to add the most common vendor types and associated categories of personal information, and then automatically maps that information so consumer requests can be fulfilled automatically with minimal human intervention.
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Automated Consumer Requests

Our systems lets you deploy a consumer request portal in minutes. Whether it's a categories, access, correction, data portability, specific pieces, deletion, or opt-out request, we help automate the entire fulfillment process so you can keep the focus on selling cars.
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Verification & Encrpytion

Not only does our system verify the identity of the consumers making privacy requests, but it also offers a secure and encrypted method of providing consumers with their data. Our system helps ensure that you don't inadvertently expose your dealer to data breach liability by allowing sensitive customer information to fall into the wrong hands.
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Vendor Management

Using ComplyAuto's intelligent data mapping, service providers are sent applicable legal notices requests with the click of a button. ComplyAuto also automates the complex process of determining whether a vendor is a “service provider”, "processor" or “third party” under the sate and federal law and enables the dealer to print and send compliant agreements. Finally, the dealer can track which vendors have signed required addenda in an easy-to-use dashboard.
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Easily Build Required Notices

Don't know where to start with drafting your online privacy policies and related disclosures? Not sure where and how to post it? No problem! Our system allows you to build the required notices and policies in minutes. Even better, we give you the tools to ensure they're posted in compliance with the latest regulations.
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Employee Training

Our system allows you to enroll your employees in a short but effective privacy and security awareness training courses that are tailored to dealership operations, and everything is tracked so you can easily demonstrate compliance.

Privacy compliance has evolved beyond manual processes. Start automating your compliance program today.