Security Scanning

Maximize Security & Minimize Cost with Automated Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning.

Simple. Affordable. Automated. Compliant. With our revolutionary technology, ComplyAuto will discover your dealership's internal and external attack surfaces and validate your readiness against the latest advanced threats and hacking techniques.

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments are now required under the FTC Safeguards Rule.

One device for all your cybersecurity validation needs.

Reduce third-paty testing reliance and expense with automation.

500% more efficient & 60-80% more affordable than manual tests.

Automatically test and validate your AV, EDR, and IT infrastructure.

Immediately identify critical security gaps and mitigate risk.

100X faster than a manual penetration test.

Identify true real world risk by emulating real-world attacks.

Fix the issues before an attempted exploit.

Unlike your anti-virus and endpoint detection & response (EDR) systems, ComplyAuto proactively identifies weaknesses and helps you plug the holes before the hackers show up.

Based on the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

ComplyAuto's penetration testing includes a broad and ever-growing array of attack techniques aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK matrix and OWASP Top 10 practices.

Full Internal Penetration Test

A full internal penetration test that satisfied regulatory requirements and does everything from password cracking, remote code execution, credentials sniffing, ransomware emulations, active directory attacks, and much more.

Full Vulnerability Assessments

A full vulnerability assessment that satisfies regulatory requirements and leverages OpenVAS, which is constantly updated with the latest CVEs.

Frequently asked questions

Is this a real penetration test or just a vulnerability scan?

Both. ComplyAuto performs a full internal penetration test and a full vulnerability assessment.

Will the security scan disrupt my network operation?

No. All scans are non-destructive and done entirely over a secure, encrypted link to our security scanning software in the cloud.

How safe is my sensitive data found during the scan?

Completely safe. All data transferred and stored is encrypted in the ComplyAuto system from beginning to end. Additionally, you have the ability delete all data collected during a scan at anytime time.

Why is it so affordable compared to normal pen tests?

Because we invested a significant amount in an automated software technology that we can scale to thousands of dealers, as opposed to traditional pen testing that is reliant on human testers who spend weeks at the dealership.

Do you provide help on how to fix the issues identified?

Yes. Each identified exploit and vulnerability comes with specific remediation tips. After you've addressed the issues identified during a scam, you can re-run the scan to confirm they've been resolved.

Is the device easy to install?

Yes! Simply plug the device into your internal network using an ethernet cable and power supply. Then give it permission to run. It's that easy.

To defeat the hackers, become the hackers.