Device & Email Security

All-in-One Device & Email Security

The first all-in-one cloud, device, and email security platform built specifically for dealers. Unparalleled defense.Unrivaled ease of use. Unmatched affordability.

Cutting-edge cyber defense for dealers

Powerful AI-powered cyber defense for your users, devices, email, cloud apps, and data.

Multi-factor authentication & automated device-level encryption

Identifies and blocks phishing attacks & impersonation scams

Scan all devices and emails for regulatory data such as NPI/PII/PCI

24/7/365 continuous threat monitoring (EDR + MDR/MTR)

Detects & blocks malicious files & activity in Google & Office 365

Automatically detect, prevent, and stop malware & ransomware

24/7/365 Full-Coverage Security Monitoring

Reduce the noise. We automatically mitigate threats like malware & ransomware unless contacting you is absolutely necessary.

Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

Continuous threat monitoring (EDR + MDR/MTR) and next-gen antivirus powered by Coro, Bitdefender™, and CTMS. Includes installation and 24/7/365 support.

Multi-factor Authentication & Device Encryption

Automated device encryption and MFA powered by Duo Security™.

Automated Email & Data Security

Automatically scans every email and device for malware, phishing, and data sharing violations (NPI, PCI, PII)



- Automated device-level encryption for Windows & macOS

- Continuous threat monitoring (EDR + MDR/MTR) powered by Coro & Bitdefender™

- Next-gen anti-virus

- Monitoring & logging of employee data/NPI violations

- Detect devices with disabled firewalls, missing UAC, unencrypted drives, and other security hygiene issues


- Block suspicious login activity, account hacking, and malicious activities

- Detect account compromises and abnormal usage activities

- Identify & automatically quarantine malicious files stored in the cloud

- Integrated with Google Workspace & Microsoft Office 365

- Locate and block phishing attempts (i.e., share requests & access requests)


- Automatically scan all devices and emails for regulatory data such as NPI/PII/PCI information

- Identify mass data downloads or deletion & block those activities

- Issue training to employees responsible for data sharing or storage violations

- Easy inspection of content with simple actions to resolve issues Detect NPI/PCI sharing and email violations, such as the sending of sensitive information (i.e., SSN, credit card numbers) to third parties


- Automatically identify and block phishing attacks & impersonation scams

- Scan every email for malware & ransomware

- Detect employee GLBA, FTC Safeguards, and state data security violations (i.e., PCI, NPI, PII sharing)

- Identify abnormal login patterns and block hacking attempts automatically

- Integrated with Google Workspace & Microsoft Office 365

Time to up your cybersecurity game.