Dealer-Centric Privacy Compliance Software


ComplyAuto is the #1 most widely used software for dealership consumer privacy and data security compliance.


Active dealerships. We're trusted by dealerships both big and small. Whether you're a publicly traded group or single rooftop, we've got you covered.


Client retention rate. Our dealers are with us for the long haul because we offer the most affordable and compliant solution on the market.


Endorsements from state dealer associations. We're also an NADA Affinity Provider.

Consumer Privacy Rights Management

Consumer privacy laws have evolved beyond manual processes and now require the use of automation and technology. ComplyAuto Privacy offers a full suite of dealer-centric tools necessary to comply with best practices regarding consumer privacy rights management. The software fully complies with applicable state laws, such as the CCPA and CPRA (CA), VCDPA (VA), and CPA (CO), and is backed by the industry's only Compliance Guarantee.

Federal Safeguards (GLBA) & Cybersecurity Compliance Software

ComplyAuto Privacy is the first dealership software to operationalize and automate the complexities of the federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), including the revised FTC Safeguards Rule. Automate vendor risk assessments, information security audits, employee training, updating your information security program (ISP), full internal & external penetration tests, and more-- all while reducing your chances of a data breach, ransomware attack, or FTC enforcement action.

Why ComplyAuto Privacy?

Show customers you care about their privacy

Consumers are becoming more aware about how they are sharing their personal data. Dealers should stay ahead of regulators to show that they care about it, too.

It’s already the law in CA, CO, and VA. There’s talks of a federal standard and 30 other states are in the midst of passing similar
legislation. Stay ahead of the curve with ComplyAuto Privacy.

We’re the only company willing to back up our tool by promising to pay for state penalties/enforcement related to privacy compliance.
Why? Because of our confidence that we offer a superior compliance solution.

Automation is needed within privacy compliance, as it is not possible for dealers to produce enough manpower to perform complex
compliance tasks both manually and accurately. For example, compliance with encryption, identity verification, data discovery, and
third-party cookie requirements are impossible without the use of technology.

Phishing simulations are an integral part of any business’s cybersecurity strategy. ComplyAuto is the only dealer-centric solution on the
market — and also one of the most affordable.