• Environmental Health & Safety Compliance Done Right

    We were tired of the old-school automotive safety software that left the heavy lifting to the dealers, so we built our own!

  • Worry Less. Sell More.

    Let us worry about your EHS compliance needs with our automated system so you can focus on what you do best - servicing and selling vehicles.

  • Keeping Your Employees, Assets, and Pocketbooks Safe

    Time is money – and manual audits, paper forms, checklists, and uploading SDS sheets waste both. Save time, increase control and reduce risk. And most importantly, keep your employees safe!

Everything you need to reduce risk and keep employees safe. All in a simple cloud-based software.

Dealership operators increase control over environmental health and safety compliance. Parts and Service Managers buy-in. Everyone wins. Everyone is safe.

On-site Audits by Certified Inspectors

We always send certified inspectors to your dealership who have years of real-life auditing and safety inspection experience.

The Most Comprehensive Training Library Available

We have the most comprehensive library of required employee safety training on the market. And unlike other platforms, we don't clutter up the system with unnecessary courses.

Automated Policy & Signage Builders

Our platform automates the drafting of all required safety policies and signs. Even better, all policies are seamlessly integrated into your employee training courses.

Full Inspection Report & Guided Risk Mitigation

Following your on-site audit, you'll receive a report identifying all risks that could result in a injury or fine, along with annotated images/videos, a host of practical tips, and mitigation steps to ensure the issue is resolved immediately. You can even track and assign tasks to the appropriate dealership employees.

Automated EHS software to help keep your doors open.

No one wants to worry about EHS compliance - with our automated system you don’t have to. Plus, ComplyAuto doesn't waste your time identifying nit-picky compliance issues that don't carry real-world risk. We monitor current litigation trends and government enforcement action to target the areas that carry the most liability.

Built-in SDS Manager

You don't have time to worry about manually adding and updating SDS sheets for every chemical used throughout the dealership. Save time and money by leveraging ComplyAuto's database of millions of SDS sheets that can be easily managed and tracked in our platform.

50-state Legal

ComplyAuto is smart enough to adapt your policies, procedures, and training to wherever you do business. Our lawyers and EHS experts are always hard at work to ensure you're compliant with both state and federal laws.

American Red Cross Training

We've partnered with the Red Cross to ensure you stay in compliance with rules requiring that you provide certain employees (like those working on electric vehicles) with CPR and AED training.

Full 8-hour Mock OSHA Audits

Our competitors take the easy way out with visual "safety walkthroughs" that don't simulate what regulators actually look for. We go the extra mile and provide you with a full mock OSHA inspection (completed by certified inspectors) that prepares you for the real deal.


Stop trying to turn Parts and Service Managers into EHS/OSHA lawyers. ComplyAuto worries about compliance issues so you don't have to. Get back to doing what you do best - selling and services cars.

Our Solution
Cloud-based software and technology focused on automation and simplicity
ComplyAuto 🙂
  • Automated custom policy builders
  • Red Cross CPR & AED training
  • Certified inspectors
  • Full mock OSHA inspections
  • DOT HazMat & AC 609 training
  • 35 state dealer association endorsements
  • On-demand inspections across all 50 states
Their Solution
Old-school programs focused on lengthy training courses and manual audits
Competition 😕
  • Manual PDF-style templates with little customization
  • Critical CPR & AED training not offered when necessary for electric vehicles
  • Uncertified inspectors with little to no real-life experience
  • "Safety walkthroughs" that don't simulate a real OSHA inspection
  • No required DOT HazMat or EPA AC 609 training offered
  • Few state dealer association endorsements
  • Limited inspector available with months in advance required notice